Hello and welcome to marcellaatwater.com. This is my online home, a place where you can learn about me and some of the services I offer to you. You will also find information on my book, “The Comfort Method: Build a Meaningful Relationship in 7 Simple Steps”. Feel free to explore, contact me with questions or drop a message just to say hi. Thanks for visiting! I look forward to assisting you.

About Me

I am Marcella M. Atwater, a nurse educator and mental health therapist whose nursing career spans more than four decades. I have taught nursing in the state of North Carolina for nearly 30 years. As an educator, I have witnessed the struggles of young adults in their educational, creative and aspirational pursuits. I value my role in helping them achieve their goals. Through teaching, I developed a passion for the success of young adults. This led me to develop The Comfort Method: a seven-step process for building healthy relationships. The Comfort Method: Build a Meaningful Relationship in 7 Simple Steps is my second published book guided by The Comfort Method.

More About Marcella

“A relationship is healthiest when fed a diet of friendship, respect, open communication, and trust”

– Marcella Atwater